The Process

Each order is custom created and hand crafted, love and passion goes into each piece.


The first step is a consultation (aka. coffee date). We go over inspiration and look at previous samples. This is where we eagerly listen to your stores and dream with you about your special day. We take careful notes and remember what is most important to you. Together we design your dream invitations and stationery so you can cross it off your to-do list.

Booking Deposit

After the wording process is completed and your supplies have arrived we will accept final payment so that your order can head into assembly. It won’t be long (1-2 weeks) and you will be ready to send your fresh-out-of-the-oven invitations into the big world for people to gawk over.


Designing with us is a joy as we aim to please starting with a fresh cup of coffee.


When you are ready to order give us a dingle and we will happily accept your money. Of course we put that to good use ordering your supplies and prepping your papers. In the meantime you will receive an email with sample wordings, fonts and graphics. Take your pic and our professional graphic designers will artfully piece it together for you.


Don’t wander too far; you’ll need to return for your stationery. We will get working on it as soon as your information is received. Don’t worry we don’t procrastinate so we will whip it together as quick as possible and return it to you.


It’s never to early to design your stationery even if your wording isn’t finalized you can narrow down the design.

7 months – 1 year = Book consultation, design invites, place order.
5 months – Receive your invites and mail them out
4 months – gather your mail and mark down who is attending
3 months – send out your “B” list invitations (not that you know who can’t make it)
2 months – Plan your seating arrangement (make sure John Doe and Kathy Smith are not at the same table)
1 month – Inform venue of guests’ meals and get your seating chart completed

Book Your Appointment

Contact us today! We can't wait to get touch base with you and help you create wedding stationery that is a perfect reflection of you and your partner.